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Quote1 What's done is done. All that remains is going forward. I was content to die. To let you go on, become your own man, your own ruler, your own legend. It wouldn't have mattered, then. Many a great man began by betraying his father. But now -- now I am here -- and Kang the Conqueror cannot tolerate a traitor in his camp. Not if he is to go on. Quote2
Kang the Conqueror

Appearing in "A Good Day to Die"

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Synopsis for "A Good Day to Die"

Kang rises from the rubble of what used to be the Damocles base and is confronted by the Avengers. Captain America takes Kang on single-handedly and defeats him. The Avengers enjoy the worldwide celebration. The Scarlet Centurion rescues Kang from his imprisonment and finds a rather ungrateful father who was resigned to his fate. Unable to forgive the betrayal of his son, Kang kills Marcus, who turns out to be another of a long line of clones who have failed to live up to their father's expectations.

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