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Quote1 I've been held by terrorists before. And this time, friend, unlike you-- I'm prepared. Quote2
Tony Stark

Appearing in "Red Zone Part 4: The Great Escape"

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Synopsis for "Red Zone Part 4: The Great Escape"

The Red Zone continues to grow at an exponential rate. The Avengers discover that this secret chemical base was under the direct supervision of the US Secretary of Defense, Dell Rusk. Jen Walters transforms back into the She-Hulk, but she's gone totally savage and smashes around the Avengers. Falcon meets up with Gyrich to discuss their spying on Rusk and learn that he is in fact the Red Skull.


  • The Red Skull explains that he managed to become Secretary of Defense within a year by using an A.I.M. expansion of the technology he once used to brainwash the Falcon, in Captain America #186.

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