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Quote1 I have a new dream. A new vision. Freedom must feel fear. And fear leads to control. I was wrong about this country. This wonderful "United" States of America. It has all the resources already in place. It has the right attitudes laced within. They just need to be exploited. To become the perfect nation -- America just need a little push in the right direction. Quote2
Red Skull (Johann Schmidt)

Appearing in "Red Zone Part 5: The Great Escape"

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Synopsis for "Red Zone Part 5: The Great Escape"

Warbird returns to the Red Zone and helps her teammates regroup. The Red Skull beats up on Gyrich and gloats over him. Captain America finally confronts the Red Skull. The Skull catches Cap off guard and captures him in a chamber and exposes him to the virus. The Skull then brags about how he'll ensure that Wakanda is blamed for the Red Zone.

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