Quote1.png Well, fine! If that's the way you're going to be, I'll save you the trouble of finishing your kangaroo court's vote. Effective immediately-- I quit! Quote2.png
-- Warbird

Appearing in "The Court Martial of Carol Danvers"

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Synopsis for "The Court Martial of Carol Danvers"

Warbird's court marshal is interrupted by an alert signaling another threat by the Lunatic Legion. Warbird quits before being booted. The Avengers rush off to the moon where they find the Lunatic Legion sacrificing themselves to power their weapon. Firestar steps up and saves the day.


  • This is part of 4 of 4 of the "Live Kree or Die!" storyline. This story continues directly from Quicksilver #10.
  • The letterers are credited as "The Usual Suspects".

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