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Quote1 Sorry, Tony...but Captain America's more important than you... Let's just hope I can keep him alive long enough...for Panther to get him out. Quote2
Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Appearing in "The Great Escape"

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Synopsis for "The Great Escape"

The Scarlet Witch unleashes the full power of her chaos magic in a desperate attempt to contain the Red Zone. Iron Man and the Black Panther confront the Red Skull. The Red Skull disables Iron Man's armor and then takes on the Black Panther in hand-to-hand combat. The Falcon summons Redwing a flock of falcons who assault the Red Skull. This gives Black Panther the edge he needs to take his enemy down. Stark and T'Challa sign a new scientific sharing agreement. Now working together, Stark Enterprises and Wakanda's Center for Disease Control successfully neutralize the Red Zone. The president appoints Warbird as Chief Field Leader of Homeland Security and offers Gyrich a position on his cabinet, which he declines. The President and Cap then discuss the process of eliminating the United States' remaining biological weapon facilities. Vision and Scarlet Witch visit a recovering child at Keystone Hospital.


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