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Quote1.png Who was he? An Avenger, Cassie. An Avenger. Quote2.png
Ant-Man after Jack of Hearts' death

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Synopsis for "Full House"

Cassie Lang scares off two boys from killing an ant in the schoolyard by telling them what fire ants are capable of doing when a man approaches her and says he is picking up his daughter. When she suggests that they tell a teacher, it becomes clear what the man's true intention was.

As the clock ticks down before Jack of Hearts enters the Zero Room, the rest of the Avengers are debating whether She-Hulk or Jack of Hearts must leave the team with Ant-Man arguing in favor of Jack of Hearts leaving while claiming that he is a wild card just as he enters the room. After a brief standoff between the two, Jack of Hearts leaves and tells Captain America to do what he has to do. Ant-Man heads up to the roof to apologize but is called away due to his daughter's disappearance with Jack of Hearts following.

Jack of Hearts arrives on the scene and learns that the culprit is Charles Cooley, who murdered his own daughter. Meanwhile, Cassie is held at gunpoint by Cooley in an abandoned apartment while he rants about wanting to keep her innocent, clearly projecting his previous experience with his own daughter. Suddenly, Cassie smiles as ants appear from the walls. Cooley shoots Ant-Man in the shoulder but bees prevent him from doing anything else. Now, Ant-Man has the gun aimed at Cooley's head and saying he is tired of people taking his daughter.

The wall is blown open signaling Jack of Hearts' arrival and he talks Ant-Man down from doing anything rash. As he prepares to leave, Cooley picks up the gun and Jack blasts his hand off. Jack of Hearts grabs Cooley and tells Ant-Man that he finally understands it all and it is about making the world safe. Jack says "I'm an Avenger, so I'm Avenging", says goodbye to Ant-Man and takes off into space with Cooley. As the clock reaches expiration for his body's stability, Jack of Hearts tells his father to deal him in. There is an explosion and Ant-Man and his daughter view the flash in the sky as he briefly eulogizes his departed teammate.

The final page is in the border of a Jack of Hearts playing card as the man slowly dissipates in space with a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson that reads "Trust men, and they will be true to you; treat them greatly and they will show themselves great."


  • The Avengers profiles for Jack of Hearts and Ant-Man appear before the story.

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