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Quote1.png Nice to meet you too, Avengers! Wish we had time for tea an' crumpets an' all. But hey, as long as I helped you out, how 'bout a hand here?! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Turbulence!"

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Synopsis for "Turbulence!"

The rare amount of personal time allowed the Avengers is interrupted by a terrorist attack organized by Moses Magnum. They engaged his soldiers who surprise them and contain them within magnum shields. Triathlon gives them a chance to regroup. However, the terrorist attack is a ruse while they stole an experimental seismic cannon. They unleash the power of the seismic cannon which allows them the opportunity to retreat. They learn also that Silverclaw was forced into her involvement with Magnum since they held hostages. Wonder Man appears to comfort the Scarlet Witch and he kisses her, all under the Vision's observations.

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