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Synopsis for "Thunderstruck"

Uatu the Watcher is observing the battle unfolding, consisting of Thor, Namor and Red Hulk versus the Hood, for the possession of the fourth Infinity Gem. Uatu observes that the Hood does not comprehend the danger of wielding the gems nor knowing that he could simply use them to will his foes out of existence. The other Avengers soon regain consciousness and charge at the Hood. Thor tries to talk him down, only for the Hood to teleport to find Xavier's group. Xavier breaks his rule of invading another's mind with permission in an attempt to stop the Hood and fails. The Hood then goes into the astral plane, where he attempts to locate the final gem hidden by Doctor strange. Unfortunately, someone has already beaten him to it: Thanos.

Solicit Synopsis

The Infinity Gauntlet is in the hands of the most dangerous human being on the planet. But what can the Avengers do against a power greater than anything known on Earth? Another explosive chapter in this epic Avengers event by Bendis and Romita Jr. featuring the debut of a brand-new cosmic character that you won't want to miss!! Plus: another illustrated chapter of the oral history of the Avengers!


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