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Quote1.png I told Steve Rogers that if he put the Avengers back together it would be a mistake. I TOLD HIM FAIR! I warned him! And I'm telling you now. I'm not going to let this mistake repeat itself again. Quote2.png
Wonder Man (Simon Williams)

Appearing in "Next Avengers, Part 2: Wonder Man Attacks?!!"

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Synopsis for "Next Avengers, Part 2: Wonder Man Attacks?!!"

The Avengers have located Noh-Varr, now calling himself Protector, battling against Titanium Man. They approach him to ask for his assistance in building a time machine to help them save the not-so-distant future, as well as his expertise on time-space dimensional travel. Noh initially thinks it to be sarcasm, though Thor tells him it's not.

Back at Avengers Tower, Maria Hill is telling Bucky that Kang the Conqueror is obviously setting a trap. He tries reasoning that Kang could've tried killing them all in their sleep, yet he wants them to save space-time. However, Hill informs him that Kang is completely insane, thinks he's "Pharoah" of the world. They then enter a section of the building where the time machine is being constructed. As soon as it's finished, the device projects images of all possible futures. When they see the future Kang was describing, Spider-Man notices that he exists in that time and Spider-Woman sees that she has a child. They then see their children, the Next Avengers, murdering Immortus. If that, all time and space collapsed. The last image seen is the face of an elderly Hulk before the image vanishes. Their only guess is that timestream was broken by Kang or their children. But before they could utilize Noh's device to travel to the future, they are attacked by Wonder Man, who screams that he warned Steve Rogers not to put the Avengers back together. He goes into a berserker rage and refusing to listen to reason, attacking his fellow Avengers. Noh-Varr is able to blast him out of the tower and into a nearby building. He then comes charging back, before disappearing, as soon as he collides with the tower, destroying Noh's machinery. Iron Man becomes concerned, fearing that another Avenger, just like the Scarlet Witch and the Sentry, has snapped. He orders Hill to find out exactly went on between him and Rogers, before turning to Noh, asking if he rebuilt his machine, to which the answer is yes. Then suddenly, there's a flash a light and instantly, Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen appear.

Solicit Synopsis

The Avengers have assembled and the villainous Kang has revealed that they must travel to the future to save their own children from destroying the universe! Yes, the entire universe. But it will take one more Avenger to make the trip complete. Who is the newest hero to join the ranks of the Avengers true? And why is the once-great hero Wonder Man hell-bent on stopping the Avengers at every turn? Backup feature: Another brand new oral history of the Avengers chapter by Bendis!


  • Also includes the second chapter to "Avengers Assemble: The Oral History of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes." Continues in New Avengers Vol 2 2.

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