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Quote1.png The city stands. That is your win. Quote2.png
-- Thor

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Synopsis for 1st story

Following the defeat of Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers, Noh-Varr has located a secret A.I.M. base. The Avengers quickly take out the base and arrest Monica Rappaccini and the rest of the A.I.M. scientists that escaped following Osborn's defeat. After the battle, Noh-Varr checks in with the Supreme Intelligence of the Kree Empire who informs him of the coming Phoenix force and orders him to intercept and contain it at all cost... even if it means eliminating his Avenger teammates.

Solicit Synopsis

AvX Tie-In!

  • Captain America Has Declared War On The X-Men.
  • The Shocking Final Storyline In The Brian Bendis Avengers Saga!

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