Quote1 I won't lie to you... you're going head-to-head with an indestructible cosmic force. It is by definition a suicide mission. But if you don't try. If someone doesn't try... There will be no Earth to come home to. Quote2
-- Captain America

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Synopsis for "Loyalties Divided"

In space, after the Avengers fail to stop the Phoenix, Noh-Varr begins analyzing the reason for their failure, and discovers that Thor's hammer can injure the Phoenix and absorb its essence. Thor (equipped with Beast's device to contain the Phoenix) is able to force it away from Earth. Before the team can celebrate, Noh-Varr declares that he will take the collected energy back to the Kree.

Solicit Synopsis


• One of the Avengers must betray the team to fill their destiny with the Phoenix.

• A game-changer for the Avengers franchise...and it is not who you think!

• Comics legend Walt Simonson is back!!

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