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Quote1.png RRRRNO!! You stay away from Earth! Never again! You understand?! You stay away from us or I'll kill you myself! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Kree Supremacy"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Sif (Illusion or holographic simulation)
  • Annie




Synopsis for "Kree Supremacy"

Thor dreams of Sif and then bursts awake on the Quincarrier. He awakens Ms. Marvel and they see that they are drifting towards a star. On Hala, Protector presents the Supreme Intelligence with the captured Phoenix Force power, which it plans to use to make the empire dominant over all other civilizations. When Protector tells it that they need to use it to save Earth, the Intelligence tells him that the Earth cannot be saved and the Phoenix will be satiated for a time, allowing them time to plan how to stop it. Back on the Quincarrier, they do not have enough power to free themselves from the gravity of the star, so Thor flies out and begins to push using all his power through Mjolnir.

On Hala, the Intelligence continues to explain to Protector that the Earth has always been an obstacle to the Empire and they are better off without its existence. Protector tells it that he cannot allow that, and begins attacking the Intelligence and the Accusers. He grabs the energy cage and goes to flee, only to run headlong into the returned Avengers. The attack him without speaking a word, strip him of the energy cage, and tell him that he is no longer an Avenger and no longer welcome on Earth. The Avengers take the energy cage and leave, abandoning Protector to the mercies of the Kree that he just betrayed. He tries to fight, but they strip him of his Nega-Bands. Protector manages to barely escape, steal a ship, and leave the planet.

Back on Earth, Annie and her roommate are discussing the crystal that Noh-Varr left her. It begins to glow and she runs outside thinking that he's back, but he's not. Not yet.

Solicit Synopsis

• With the events of AVX raging around them, an Avenger betrays the team!


  • This story takes place before the events of Avengers vs. X-Men #4.
  • Despite appearing on the cover, neither Captain America nor Iron Man appear in this issue.

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