Quote1.png So if you're ready to fight, you'd better be ready to kill. Because if you're not going to kill, then you're going to lose. Scott Summers just lost this war. Quote2.png
-- Red Hulk (Thunderbolt Ross)

Appearing in "A Rampaging Hulk, Defeated?"

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Synopsis for "A Rampaging Hulk, Defeated?"

Considering the Phoenix Five a threat to Earth, just like the other Avengers, Red Hulk decides to invade Utopia by himself and assassinate Cyclops. However, he is discovered by Emma Frost and confronted by several X-Men. Instead of imprisoning or murdering him, Cyclops sends Red Hulk back to the Avengers with an "X" carved into his chest via optic blasts. Nevertheless, Red Hulk considers that Cyclops lost the war the moment he spared his life.

Solicit Synopsis

The last stand of the Red Hulk…?

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