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Synopsis for "Avengers Ambush"

The Avengers have taken refuge in Wakanda to discuss their next move. Spider-Woman tells everyone that the X-Men don't just have the Phoenix Force on their side, but telepaths as well. They need to take out the major telepaths if they are to even get close to Cyclops. Wolverine identifies them as Emma Frost and Rachel Summers. They choose Rachel as their target.

However, as Rachel would realize she's a target, they need a stronger telepath. Black Panther suggests contacting Moondragon but she's not available. Worse yet, most telepaths are mutants, either X-Men, villains or deceased, therefore, untrustworthy. Captain America then says he'll make a call, which gets an angry glare from Wolverine.

Wolverine arrives in Spaceship Graveyard in Indonesia, the Avengers assisted by an unidentified telepath, who is misdirecting Rachel that Wolverine is equipped with psi-shields made by Beast. Rachel turns up, demanding to know where Hope Summers is. Wolverine refuses and kicks her, only to find that Namor, Angel Iceman and Kid Gladiator; this was her trap, not the Avengers.

Too late to back out, the Avengers reveal themselves and they do battle.

In the midst of the battle, Black Widow leads Hope away. Hope refuses to run again, saying this is her fight. Rachel incapacitates Widow, asking Hope to come with her. But then she realizes that it's Professor X in disguise, who proclaims he fighting to protect humanity and mutantkind. Rachel becomes angry that he would turn against his own students and attacks him. But then Xavier incapacitates everyone, excluding Spider-Woman, who remained conscious because of her psi-shields.

He expresses regret for involving himself in the first place. He wakes Cap, telling him he's erasing all memory of his involvement from both sides and asks that they not call on him again. Cap pleads him to reconsider, but Xavier puts him to sleep, saying he had a dream and now it's all but dead.

Solicit Synopsis


• The Avengers versus the unbelievable might of the X-Men!

• The special issue of Avengers is the flip side to Wolverine & the X-Men #12.

• Witness a very surprising tie-in experience like you’ve never seen before!

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