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At an apartment with a perfect view of Avengers Tower, a young girl is attempting to view it with binoculars. Then suddenly, Thor crashes through the window. He gets up to help the other Avengers against Apocalypse and his Horsemen. Maria Hill advises Iron Man to take Noh-Varr somewhere else to build the time machine, a suggestion which is turned down, seeing that if Apocalypse is here, then it's a timestream problem. He also notices that the Scarlet Witch is one of the Horsemen. He tries reaching out to her, only for her to react and disassemble his armor, causing him to fall from the sky. Spider-Man jumps down after him and manages to catch him with his webs.

Back up at the Tower, Bucky presumes that Apocalypse appearing now must be because of Kang, though Wolverine thinks otherwise, knowing that he and his Horsemen shouldn't be here. Iron Man backs him up and attempts to talk to the ancient mutant, only to get babbling from him. Then, Apocalypse and his Horsemen vanish from view. While Spider-Man is shocked that a future version of himself is a Horseman of Apocalypse, Iron Man details that his scan of Apocalypse can help determine where and when he's been. However, Hill says that they shouldn't send the entire team because some are needed here to deal with other time-related incidents that have been cropping up.

As Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Thor and Hawkeye prep for takeoff, they are ambushed by Killraven and Devil Dinosaur.

Appearing in "Avengers Assemble: The Oral History of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Chapter 4"

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Synopsis for "Avengers Assemble: The Oral History of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Chapter 4"

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Solicit Synopsis

The time space continuum is broken! And the Avengers must travel to the far flung future to see exactly what terrible mess their children have made of the world. But maybe, just maybe, Kang didn't tell our heroes the truth about what has gone wrong. Guest starring the Next Avengers, the Future Imperfect Hulk and the Amazing Spider-Girl! Yeah, you heard us! Another blockbuster issue from Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita, Jr.! Plus! Another chapter in the untold oral history of the Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis…!


  • Also includes chapter four of "Avengers Assemble: The Oral History of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes." Continues in New Avengers Vol 2 #3.

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