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Quote1.png Come on, it's Tony Stark and Hank Pym. Two of the smartest guys on the planet... If they don't know what they're doing... Quote2.png
Hawkeye (Clint Barton)

Appearing in "Rock the Microverse"

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Synopsis for "Rock the Microverse"

Quake arrives at Avengers Tower, asking where's Captain America. The Avengers explain that Cap, Iron Man, Thor and Giant-Man went into the microverse to find Wasp. Though Quake expresses concern if they will succeed, Hawkeye remains confident.

Down in the microverse, the founding Avengers are attacked by Lord Gouzar, the warlord who rules the microverse. Though Thor attempts to diplomatically plea for them to part way, Gouzar (mispronouncing Thor's surname and homeland) orders his forces to open fire. The Avengers attack in kind. Giant-Man uses Pym Particles but finds himself giant-sized. Wasp informs him that Pym Particles are unstable here. Gouzar's forces subdue everyone but Wasp, who escapes. He demands that she surrender. But she attacks him at a smaller wasp size, but accidentally grows back to average microverse size and is captured.

In Central Park, Red Hulk and Vision are standing guard, Wolverine gone nine hours ago on a bathroom break. But they unfortunately draw a crowd. Red rudely blows away a teenage attempting to take a picture. Just then, the Quinjet touches down and the Avengers disembark. Quake announces that she will clear the park.

In the microverse, Thor awaken to find himself and his friends imprisoned in energy cages. Wasp apologizes for getting them caught. Thor then asks how she survived the Skrulls' trap during the Secret Invasion to turn her into a literal giant bomb and his mercy killing. Wasp admits that she must have shrunk down by instinct. She assumes she's not on Earth, but Giant-Man says otherwise. He then apologizes to her for getting replaced by a Skrull, which lead to them turning her into a bomb and tells her that she has a right to be angry at him. Wasp points out that he did come to rescue her. As Cap regains consciousness, he asks where Iron Man is.

Meanwhile, Gouzar is trying to use Cap's shield to break out Iron Man's armor. Iron Man then unleashes a Uni-Beam. He tries to escape, but his armor systems are failing as he is pinned down by Gouzar. Suddenly, there is an explosion on his battleship.

Solicit Synopsis


• Two classic Avengers return for the first time in years to celebrate the end of an era! But does this modern world really need the Avengers?

• A giant status quo shift is on the horizon. Watch as the Avengers come to terms with themselves as a team and a family.

• PLUS: Hydra with alien tech? Uh oh!

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