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Quote1.png I promise I will explain it all when we get back. I will draw you pictures, I will use puppets...but for right now, you have to just listen to me. Quote2.png
Iron Man

Appearing in "Next Avengers, Part 5: Battle for the Future"

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Synopsis for "Next Avengers, Part 5: Battle for the Future"

In the present, New York City has gone officially crazy; countless beings and objects from other times have manifested into this time period. The Avengers are at a loss about what to do. Thor's immediate concern is to help others and hope that their teammates in the future will succeed. He then charges at Galactus.

In the future, future Iron Man has his past self's armor, having known that it would be a liability against Ultron. The Avengers then start to discuss why did Maestro send Kang to alert them to time and space about to end. The only logical conclusion is that their future children didn't break the timestream -- Kang did! As future Iron Man outlines it, Kang brought an army from every period in history repeatedly in his war against UItron. As a result, he causes their time period to trap them in the midst of the timestream hurricane that was created; only Kang is free to time travel. Even as they speak, this day is going to be repeated over and over again, both past and future. As time starts to collapse, the present-day Avengers are instructed to return to their time and stop Kang before he breaks the timestream.

Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, and Noh-Varr instantly return to the moment when they were fighting Apocalypse and his Horsemen. Once their battle is concluded, they go to restart the time machine and arrive in the future before Ultron to ask a favor.

Solicit Synopsis

The Blockbuster Marvel series continues! The Avengers travel to the far-flung future to stop the timestream from ripping itself apart. But with time unraveling more and more with every second it may be too late to put the world back the way it was. All this plus a brand new chapter in the oral history of the Avengers!


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