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Appearing in "Next Avengers, Part 6: The battle For All Time!"

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Synopsis for "Next Avengers, Part 6: The battle For All Time!"

Iron Man, Noh-Varr, Captain American and Wolverine meet with a future iteration of Ultron, to warn him of the impending war that Kang the Conqueror will start and bring an end to all time and space as they know it. Therefore, the only solution is to let Kang win. Ultron asks that they give him their time travel device so he could see this war for himself. Noh refuses him. The response from the robot is a powerful energy blast, but Iron Man and Noh block with their shields. Iron Man urges Ultron to prevent the destruction of the time-space continuum by allowing Kang to win. The Avengers then time slide out.

Picking up from issue 1, it turns out that with the Hulk and future Iron Man, Immortus has arranged for all the events the Avengers have set in motion. The Next Avengers then go on recon to see younger Kang, as he assembles his army, composed of well-known Marvel icons, to fight Ultron. Within a second, Ultron is destroyed, averting catastrophe. The fact that this was so easy baffled Kang's army, including Doctor Doom. After sending his army back to their time, Kang laments what a disappointment Ultron has been. He then time slides out, promising to find a better battle to fight.

With the war averted, everything in the present day has returned to normal. The only problem is, Killraven is stuck in the present. In the future, future Iron Man congratulates the present day Avengers for saving everything. However, he gives his past self a mysterious device, which will help avert what has yet to come. As soon as the Avengers return to their time, the Hulk asks Immortus if he has learned anything. Immortus admits that he has, as he quickly kills the Hulk, Iron Man and Spider-Girl. The Next Avengers react quickly and kill him, just like what they've done at the beginning of issue 1.

Back in the present, the Avengers are celebrating a job well done, as Noh is inducted into the team. The only one not drinking is Iron Man, staring at the device his future self gave him.

Solicit Synopsis

The blockbuster Avengers book continues!! Kang versus Ultron with Avengers from every era right in the middle. The end of this issue is a shocker that sets up one of the biggest new threats to the Marvel Universe!! Plus: another chapter in the oral history of the Avengers!


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