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Quote1.png Okay. Well Mister Robbins. It took $1 Billion and most of your sanity, went and got yourself an Infinity Gem. Yellow -- yellow...which on is the yellow on? Oh. Yeah..that's right...Reality. Quote2.png
Parker Robbins

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Synopsis for "Infinity Quest"

An expedition locates the former site of the Inhuman City of Attilan. Parker Robbins, aka the Hood, then kills the expedition, before wandering into the city and locates one of the six Infinity Gems: Reality. But it is encased in a protective sphere, which he has a hard time breaking out. He soon succeeds in obtaining the gem.

Meanwhile, Iron Man and Thor locate Wonder Man. Wonder Man still states that the Avengers do more harm than good. Thor attempts to appeal to his better nature but Wonder Man still refuses to see their way of thinking. He demands that they disband the Avengers before another one of them dies. He then vanishes. Thor consoles Iron Man, reminding that in their endless war, there will be casualties. Iron Man comments that he misses Wasp. Thor agrees

The Hood infiltrates the Baxter Building and locates the Power Gem. He then accidentally wills himself to a desert, where he runs into Red Hulk. The Hood then strikes the first blow.

Back at Avengers Tower, Protector introduces his girlfriend Annie to the Avengers. Then suddenly, Red Hulk crashes through their window. He says one word, "In...finity..."

Parker Robbins (formerly known as The Hood), has begun a quest to regain power since losing the Norn Stones, and proceeds in gaining two of the six Infinity Gems.

Solicit Synopsis

I AM AN AVENGER! Plus: another chapter in the oral history of the Avengers!


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