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Quote1.png We took the Infinity Gems out of circulation. ... For safekeeping. Because every time someone tried to put them together -- to create the Infinity Gauntlet -- Earth, our existence, held on by a thread. We simply took that option off the table. Quote2.png
Mister Fantastic

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Synopsis for "Revelations"

Iron Man reassembles the Illuminati. However, unexpectedly, Medusa teleports in with Lockjaw, revealing that her husband Black Bolt is dead. they then cut to the chase: someone is chasing down the Infinity Gems. Already, the gems Mr. Fantastic and Black Bolt hide have been stolen. The question now is, how does Iron Man know about it.

In a flashback, Red Hulk crashes into Avengers Tower. He admits to being an agent for Steve Rogers and that he was floored by the Hood, who has two of the gems, though he didn't know who he was. Iron Man leaves, claiming to be going to check his files.

Knowing that Black Bolt would never take the gem off Earth, they teleport to the former location of Attilan in the Himalayas. They find evidence that someone using Hydra and AIM tech. Medusa identifies the case that held the gem to have been crafted by Ertzia. Unfortunately, the Avengers have found them.

Solicit Synopsis

The return of the Illuminati! Marvel's super-secret brain trust has reunited because someone is trying to put the Infinity Gauntlet back together. Who is it and will the Avengers be able to stop them in time? And what does any of this have to do with the Red Hulk? Plus, is there a little romance brewing? Another blistering blockbuster chapter from Marvel's premiere super hero team Bendis and Romita Jr. Plus: another illustrated chapter of the oral history of the Avengers!


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