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Avengers Vol 5 1
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Avengers Vol 5 1 Deadpool Sketch VariantDeadpool Sketch Variant
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Avengers Vol 5 1 McNiven Sketch Variant TextlessMcNiven Sketch Variant Textless
Avengers Vol 5 1 McNiven Variant TextlessMcNiven Variant Textless
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Quote1 There was nothing. Followed by everything. Swirling, burning specks of creation that circled around life-giving suns. And then... We raced to the light. It was the spark that the started fire-- a legend that grew in the telling. Some believe it began the moment Hyperion was rescued from a dying universe. Others say it was when The Guard were broken on the dead moon. Many more think it was when Ex Nihilo terraformed Mars, turning the red planet green. They are all wrong. As it happened before The Light. Before The War. And before The Fall. It started with two men. It started with an idea. Quote2
-- Narrator

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Synopsis for "The Avengers: Avengers World"

A long time ago, there was nothing. Then there was everything. Many bits of creation swirled around the stars - planets that support life. And then one group of heroes raced into the light - the Avengers.

On Mars, Ex Nihilo begins to terraform Mars. He wants to make it have life. So he creates green plants on the red planet. And an intergalactic war is brewing because of him. At Avengers Tower, Tony Stark fumbles among some things regarding the Avengers and the Illuminati, remembering the day when it started with an idea - to create the Avengers. Later he walks down a hall with Steve Rogers, and they talk about the day when Stark found Rogers in the ice. Stark says the world changed when Cap was found. He also says that the best ideas are the simplest ones. And that they now have a new idea: with problems escalating since Cyclops' turn to the dark side, they need to grow bigger.

One year after he began, Ex Nihilo marvels at his creation with a Builder, part of a robotic race that desires to raze all worlds not deemed suitable. The six main Avengers then attack Mars, and appear to completely decimate the competition. But just then, all except Cap get captured. Cap returns home with, as intended, a whole new set of Avengers. They are ready to save the people they call their brethren. For they are Avengers.

Solicit Synopsis

It’s a new day and a new beginning for the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, with a brand new team that’s bigger and better than ever before! And they won’t just be ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’, either – when the galaxy is in danger, the Avengers will answer the call!


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