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Having learned that AIM plans to sell their latest bio-weapon in Macau, the Avengers go undercover to a casino there to infiltrate AIM and secure the weapon. They are told to keep a low profile but Shang-Chi ends up in a battle with an armored ninja called Chimera, who has arrived for the bidding. He battles fiercely, but ultimately realizes he is outnumbered, and pulls his weapon, and energized pair of nunchucks, and takes the battle to Chimera.

Four hours earlier, the team gathers intel and plans their infiltration. Natasha wants to abduct their target and torture him but is overruled. Later in the casino, Carol makes contact with the target, Mathias Deeds, who recognizes her as an Avenger. He cheats to beat her at cards but also says he is not here to sell, but to buy. They part company with mutual threats.

Sam and Roberto are made as well and confronted by AIM agents in tuxedos, but the two Avengers convince them to postpone their battle to the next day, and just have a good time tonight. They too confirm they are in town to buy, and even agree to switch sides and work for the Avengers as double agents.

Elsewhere, Jessica Drew and Natasha are seducing several of the wealthy buyers, who are all internationally wanted criminals. Natasha grows impatient and shoots them all dead.

The Avengers file onto their plane, believing they gained no information. But Shang-Chi is already aboard with the helmet that belonged to Chimera. He says the biological weapon was an army of assassins, and that AIM is planning for a war.

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• As Shang-Chi battles an ancient enemy, the Avengers hang out in Hong Kong’s swankiest casino.

• Captain Marvel, Black Widow and Spider-Woman find out it doesn’t pay to gamble in the spy business.

• Cannonball and Sunspot play craps with a bunch of AIM Agents. AND WIN!

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