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Quote1.png So this is the world, and our children in it. We either choose to be crippled by that fear, or we raise the innocent to be steadfast, we teach them hope... And then believe it will be enough. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Evolve"

In the Savage Land at the site of the Origin Bomb impact there, Iron Man (who is interfacing from 700 light years away) tells Thor about the newly hatched lifeforms, who have been growing at a rapid pace and do not need food or sleep. Tony wonders if they are something more akin to Thor. Hyperion says they may be the next phase of evolution; he and Thor agree to watch over the children and try to teach them civilization.

Spider-Man (Secretly Doc Ock) is tasked with teaching them trust but instead teaches them not to trust others. Thor has gathered is group together and regales them with a story of the Warriors Three triumphing over a monster and encourages them to go on a quest, to seek a certain rock he has flung high on a mountaintop. Hawkeye and Spider-Woman ignore their group in favor of tanning on a beach.

Neaby Garokk the Petrified Man has been watching the proceedings and feels hope at the presence of the new life forms. But then a ship lands that fills him with dread, for it unleashes a horde of monsters.

Thor shares a sense of impending doom about the battle they will soon face, as the beings he sent on the quest face trouble of their own, with one of them slipping from the cliff. One of his peers turns back to help the endangered one, while the third continues climbing to reach Thor’s rock.

They return with the rock, and Thor declares the one who turned back to help his comrade to be the victor. Then Captain Universe approaches and says she wants to teach them too. Hyperion says those (like himself, Thor, and Captain Universe) who do not need anything, have the responsibility to help those who do. Spider-Man scoffs and says it is all well and good to be above the food chain, until a real predator shows up.

Just then they are attacked by a monstrous carnivore that Hawkeye kills at the last second. But a pair of flying dragons then make off with several of the children, and bring them before the occupant of the ship sighted earlier – the High Evolutionary.

Solicit Synopsis


• A day in the life of the Avengers…in the Savage Land.

• The boys go hunting for dinosaurs and end up catching something else entirely.

• Hyperion and Captain Universe begin the godlike education of the transformed Savage Land children.


  • Since the instructions for the cover indicated that it was meant to have a "lighter, almost vacation-like feel to it," cover artist Dustin Weaver had Captain Universe, Thor and Hyperion wear casual civilian clothes in his preliminary sketch before deciding to have them wear their costumes.[1]
  • Weaver purposefully avoided drawing a Tyrannosaurus or a Triceratops since he considered them to be played out.[1]
  • One of the dinosaurs in the cover is a Protoceratops, which is the favorite dinosaur of Weaver's friend Ben Bates.[1]
  • Weaver decided to add a Therizinosaurus after flipping through a Dinotopia book looking for inspiration.[1]

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