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Dr. Bruce Banner

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Synopsis for "Sent and Received"

The Avengers continue to fight Ex Nihilo’s creations but realize they will soon be overwhelmed. At SHIELD headquarters, Bruce Banner tries to understand the what’s happening with the signal. On AIM Island, the AIM scientists flee whatever has awoken from its pod. The Scientist Supreme arrives and demands to know what’s happening; a visibly distraught Superia says they never should have brought it here. Whatever it is has hatched and escaped.

The signal emitted by the bugs travels across the galaxy where it is received by one of the Alephs. In Perth, the Avengers shift tactics, and Cap tells Thor to treat the entire array of bugs as a lightning rod. He unleashes a massive strike and soon the Avengers have decimated all the bugs and giants. Captain Universe arrives and takes Manifold with her into space.

In orbit, Abigail Brand and SWORD confront a group of ships that have suddenly appeared in Earth space. They manage to erect a blockade, but one Skrull ship slips through and flies toward Earth.

Captain Universe takes Manifold across the galaxy to a planet that is about to be destroyed. Bruce Banner tells the Avengers that a massive armored being is headed their way; it is the being that escaped AIM custody.

Solicit Synopsis


• Prelude to INFINITY: Part Two.

• Alien races, fleeing an intergalactic terror, crash to Earth just as the Avengers are occupied with the now-active Origin Sites!

• Captain Universe and Manifold take a trip across the universe.

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