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Synopsis for "Avengers Universe 1"

The Galactic Council receives Warlord Kl'rt, the Super-Skrull, before them for consideration of admittance to the council.

Two days previously, Kl'rt receives word that the Skrull outpost on Hy'lt Minor had fallen to the Builders. Kl'rt convenes his war council and tells them they must ally with other galactic powers to save the Skrull Empire. General Dm'yr leaves the council, promising to hold off the Builders' advance fleet for as long as he can.

Yesterday, the Skrull warlords can do nothing but watch as Dm'yr lures in the Builders before sacrificing himself and his forces to destroy them with an exploding star.

In the present day, Kl'rt confirms that all but one of the Skrulls follow him. King J-son of Spartax then invites him to sit on the Galactic Council. The council then take into account the forces in their alliance, including the Kree, Shi'ar, Brood, Annihilus' Annihilation Wave and the Avengers.

Kl'rt then shows the council footage of Dm'yr's fight against the Builders. The council decide to set another trap at a place called the Corridor.

Three days later, the allied armada lie in wait for the Builder fleet. Once they arrive, the trap is sprung and in the subsequent engagement, they are able to destroy the command ship. Unfortunately, this was a feint, as the Builders decloak their hidden fleet, massacring a third of the allied armada, forcing them to retreat. Unfortunately, the Quincruiser carrying Hawkeye and Captain Marvel is damaged and left adrift.

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• Deep in space, the Avengers join the Council of Worlds as they declare war on their cosmic invaders.

• The rebirth of the Skrull Empire.

• The first encounter with the Builders.

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