Appearing in "Fifty Thousand into the Future"

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  • The World Core (Only appearance; destruction) (Impersonates the Avengers)
    • "Star Brand" (Only appearance)[1]
    • "Thor" (Only appearance)[1]
    • "Black Widow" (Only appearance)[1]
    • "Hawkeye" (Only appearance)[1]
    • "Captain America" (Only appearance)[1]
    • "Hyperion" (Only appearance)[1]

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Synopsis for "Fifty Thousand into the Future"

Captain America arrives in the Year 51,028, where he finds a gigantic metal structure in front of him. Entering the structure, its computer core instructs him to place his hands on the contact carrier for identification. As soon as his hand makes contact, red tendrils start wrapping around him as the computer lists out his basic info. It comments that Cap's out of his depth, explaining that in this time period, a fragment of Ultron survived and evolved to create the Worldcore. It create facsimiles of the Avengers, stating it made them to "uplift" Cap, explaining that his consciousness will be uploaded from his body and "scrubbed" of its methods of thinking while it examine the unknown object implanted in his body. Cap refuses and attempts to fight. While battling the false Avengers, the World Core explains how it experimented with time travel, sending Anachronauts a year into the past, but they failed to accomplish their task, at the same time, their enemies, suicidal terrortron A.I.s appeared the same time as Cap, hence its suspicion of him. Cap shouts that he doesn't care, only to be hit in the back by arrows. The World Core appears in the guise of Black Widow, stating desire is a human failing and what he cares about doesn't matter. Leaning towards Cap, the World Core demands to know what he's carry. Suddenly, the bomb the Ultron from the past planted inside Cap's eye leaps out, instantly corrupting and destroying the World Core. When the smoke clears, Cap smashes the little bomb under his boot, before the Time Gem appears. He returns to Fractured Temporal Space, where he assumes he'd be going home, only to be caught by Iron Lad.

Solicit Synopsis


• 50,000 years into the future. Holoworld: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes captured in conceptual space. How do you defeat an idea?

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