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Quote1 You people telling me how I just don't understand? When it's you people-- you clever people-- who don't get it. I don't let people die because it's the lesser of two evils, or expedient, or because it serves the greater good... I don't compare the act against something else-- I see someone who needs help... And I help. You think it's a weakness. You think it's simple... But you're wrong. It's what makes us human... Which is exactly what we're supposed to be fighting for. I know who I am. I rescue the helpless. I raise up the hopeless. I don't measure people's lives... I save them. Quote2
Captain America to Iron Lad, Kang, and Immortus.

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Synopsis for "The Last Avenger"

Captain America is rescued from Fractured Temporal Space by Iron Lad, who brings to the very distant future, to meet his future selves, Kang the Conqueror and Immortus. The three contain the Time Gem as it appears.

The Kangs then discuss about the incursions, noting how Cap stopped one by using - and sacrificing - the Infinity Gems. As a result of that, the Time Gem was destroyed across all time, resulting in the Avengers' little trip across time. As for the incursions, in a past instance, they told a previous Cap go back to convince Tony Stark to find a better way to combat the incursions, but that failed, resulting in the death of everything. Now, they've decided to keep Cap in this future to keep him from interfering in the present, so the Illuminati can continue to sacrifice other Earths to save Earth-616. Cap finds that plan unacceptable, but Kang states that this is not about control or restraint, but making impossible decisions against unthinkable cost; in other words, Cap's ideology is obsolete. Cap retorts that he will not let innocent people die just because it's the lesser of two evils or to serve the greater good; he'll save them rather than measure them. Kang says that no one here cares. Immortus adds that Cap can't go back with the Time Gem contained. Iron Lad only offers his sympathy but says that Cap's ideals died out a long time ago. However, Cap says he never really gotten over the past.

He then remembers what the elderly Hawkeye told him: when he gets to the "end of the line", he can either do nothing or help Stark. But they neglected a third option: taking the monster out.

Cap then throws his shield, which passes harmlessly through Immortus, only to learn that the field holding the Time Gem was his target. With the gem freed, Cap returns to his time.

Back at Avengers Tower in the present, the Avengers have waited a pretty long time for Cap to reappear. Another three hours pass by before Cap reappears. Cap then announces that they have work to do. With the Illuminati planning on destroying worlds, it's up the Avengers to take them down.

Solicit Synopsis


• The first Avenger meets the last Avenger...

• And the Avengers World crumbles.

• You won't believe what comes next.


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