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Ex Nihilo

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Synopsis for "Starbranded"

The Avengers talk the boy at the center of the crater, whose name is Kevin Connor; they want him to come with them to run tests, but he freaks out upon seeing all the corpses around him, and begins to sizzle with energy. Hulk lunges toward him, but with a wave of his hand he blasts Hulk into orbit. Cap asks Captain Marvel to “retrieve our Hulk” while Hyperion and Thor order the boy to stand down. But he does not. A full-scale brawl ensues; Captain Marvel throws Hulk down onto him from orbit, and Thor is about to blast him at full popwer, when Nightmask tells everyone to stop. He says he can explain to the boy what is happening, and they both disappear.

Elsewhere, he explains that Kevin Connor is now a one-man planetary defense system called a Starbrand. He explains that the entire system is broken, and as avatars of the Builders, they have to help fix it.

Later at Avengers Tower, the Captain Universe power has vacated its human vessel, Tamara, who remembers nothing of what just happened. Using a universal tracker, Tony Stark tracks Nightmask and Starbrand to Mars. On Mars, Nightmask brings Starbrand in front of the one who created him, Ex Nihilo.

Solicit Synopsis


• The Avengers face off against the World Breaker.

• Discover the imminent threat to the Avengers World.

• Watch as we get our first hints as the hidden connections between the events of Avengers and New Avengers.

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