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Quote1.png I'm attempting to make the Earth sentient. Quote2.png
Ex Nihilo

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Synopsis for "Star Bound"

On Mars, Nightmask asks Ex Nihilo for help; Ex Nihilo mocks him for running away and then returning. Abyss tries to analyze Starbrand but he blasts her in half. She re-assembles and Nightmask tells her to start with him. She learns that it is actually Earth that is broken. She looks accusingly at Ex Nihilo, who confesses that he changed the rules: the life-bombs he sent to Earth were actually an attempt to make the whole planet sentient; all of the life-bombs are growing and spreading, and they say it is too late to stop them.

At Avengers Tower, Cap prepares them to go to Mars but then Nightmask and Starbrand appear in Croatia, at an Earth-bomb impact site. There, they discover the new creatures growing and evolving on a beach. The things hatch worms which speak the Builders’ language, and unite together to form a giant, sentient brain, just as the Avengers arrive. The brain-blob tries to swallow Nightmask and Starbrand, in a panic, Starbrand evaporates the whole thing. The two say they are leaving but Cap orders the Avengers to bring them down. After a fierce battle, Starbrand yields, not truly wanting to hurt anyone. The Avenger imprison them within Tony Stark’s Dyson sphere on the far side of the sun.

Solicit Synopsis


• Watch as the most dangerous weapon in the Universe is unleashed.

• Two Universal SYSTEMS collide.

• What good is a White Event if only leads to the destruction of the planet it was meant to transform?


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