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  • Agents of Wakanda Helicarrier (Only in flashback)


Synopsis for "No Fun"

In a courtroom, Jennifer Walters' Savage Hulk persona sits in the witness box as the prosecutor berates her for ruining the reputation of her client - She-Hulk - as a globally-adored, witty, and sexy superhero. As the Hulk protests that some people still like her, she's overruled as the prosecutor continues her tirade, declaring that the Hulk is lying when she says that the changes in her personality are due to her Celestial-augmented powers and that she's been trying to return to her original form. The prosecutor - Jen's original She-Hulk persona, dressed for court - declares that her client is dead and that the Hulk killed her. As the Hulk angrily protests she didn't kill anyone, she's overruled again as She-Hulk says that the Hulk keeps killing her over and over with every "Hulk smash!" - accusing her of enjoying being a "'roided-out, no-fun perversion" of her former self. Roaring, the Hulk rips apart the witness box as She-Hulk - receiving permission from the judge to treat the witness as hostile - rolls back her sleeves. She-Hulk asks the jury - comprised of Jennifer's various appearances as She-Hulk - if the Hulk is the face they want to present to the world, imploring them to levy the maximum sentence and erase her from existence - or better yet, let her do that herself. As She-Hulk and the Hulk lunge at each other, the judge - Jen Walters' human form - furiously calls for order, futilely commanding them to stop.

In the real world, Jen lets out a scream of frustration, Black Panther disconnecting her from the VR program she's been using to sort out her insecurities. As she remarks she made some progress, Black Panther concurs but states she came dangerously close to Hulking out - reminding her that they don't want her to have explosive outburst akin to the one she had in Russia. Jen wearily agrees, though mentally she wonders if that's actually the case.

Some time later, in Australia, the Hulk smashes her way through an army of rock trolls, roaring furiously. Recapping her origin story, Jen remarks that - in contrast to her cousin Bruce Banner - people liked her new form and she developed the reputation of being a charming and attractive Hulk, a reputation she had initially embraced and greatly enjoyed. Asking herself why she doesn't miss it, Jen notes that while the trolls she's battling to retake Australia come from another dimension, if they had seen the old She-Hulk they would have laughed and made crass jokes even as she was beating them up; but that now nobody's laughing and she loves that even more than she loves her old self.

Earlier, onboard the Wakandan Helicarrier, Captain Marvel briefs Jen on her mission - to route the trolls occupation and take out King Ulik, who is strong enough to hurt Thor. As Jen makes a self-deprecating joke about exploding, Carol tells her not to be so hard on herself. As lightning flashes through the sky, Carol tells Jen that Thor is conjuring the world's biggest thunderstorm but will probably get a medal when the War of the Realms is over - and rightfully so - but that nobody gives medals to Hulks; though on the plus side Jen gets to live in a dead Celestial and has awesome friends. Jen laments not having been able to save Queen Freyja in Svartalfheim, noting she can see where Thor gets his stubbornness and that Thor has every right to explode. Carol tells Jen that all the Ten Realms need her power just as much as Thor's, telling her to show the world that Thor isn't the only one who can bring the storm. Inhaling deeply, Jen steels herself and tells Carol to take her to the armory.

Narrating, Jen paraphrases one of her cousin's catchphrases, replacing "angry" with "invalidated". Equipped with Asgardian armor and a war-hammer, Hulk roars at Ulik to repeat what he just said as she bashes him in the face. Smirking, Ulik says that all he did was ask how a woman could be Thor given that it's a man's name and not a title. Roaring, the Hulk smashes her hammer into his face until it's broken, then pummels him using her fists. Bruised and bloodied, Ulik asks the Hulk to marry him - enraging her enough to set off an explosion. As the Hulk stands over the unconscious Ulik in the ensuing crater and lets out a victorious roar, Deadpool approaches and asks - even at the risk of serious bodily injury - why she stopped being funny. Reminiscing that Jen had predated him as Marvel's resident wise-cracking fourth wall-breaker, Deadpool remarks that she'd been really good at it. The Hulk glowers down at him and bluntly retorts that she'd rather be free to be ugly, leaping away as Deadpool wonders why she - like himself - can't be both.

At Roxxon's Antarctic base, the Agents of Wakanda battle against the evil corporation's B.E.R.S.E.R.K.E.R. Squad. As Gorilla-Man asks how they're going to beat the Hulked-out security force, Ka-Zar assures him that the Black Panther thought up a way to bypass their nigh-invulnerability: Blade. As the dhampir gloats, T'Challa contacts them to state that Roxxon's hackers have been shut down and the Avengers Mountain's circulator is back online. A portal opens up and the Hulk steps through, slugging one of the B.E.R.S.E.R.K.E.R. Squad members in the face. Blade snickers, the Hulk glaring at him and asking if he thinks something's funny. Biting the downed B.E.R.S.E.R.K.E.R. Squad member to inject him with T'Challa's cure for Roxxon's experiments, Blade remarks that nothing's funny - which is just the way he likes it.

Narrating, Jen notes that once Bruce had said he was jealous of how easy she had it compared to him - as while he transformed into a deformed giant who couldn't wear normal clothes, Jen just turned into a bodybuilder dipped in green paint. Bruce had said it must be nice to be the kind of Hulk people adored, and Jen had been sorely tempted to punch her cousin as hard as she could - revealing she'd had to put up with sexism and sexual harassment from both her teammates and enemies, and topless photos being posted online when she was in the Fantastic Four. Admitting she was jealous of him never having had to worry about paparazzi trying to photograph his butt while he was fighting, Jen had told Bruce that being a big scary monster didn't sound so bad to her.

Warping to New York, Jen meets with Daredevil - apotheosized due to wielding Hofund. Using his All-Sight to monitor the progress of the war, Daredevil informs her that the Enchantress is now in custody and that Captain Marvel is in the process of defeating Queen Sindr. Telling Daredevil to point her in the direction of trouble, Daredevil informs her that it's all around them - but that she is especially in-danger. As she asks what he means, Daredevil tells her that the Celestials are monitoring her even now and empowered her for a reason: war, but not the War of the Realms. Seeing through time, Daredevil prophesizes several events and that Jen will know when the time comes to unleash the full might of her Hulk form. Sarcastically thanking him for the unhelpful and vague warnings, Jen turns as a pair of Frost Giants approach and mock them. Narrating, Jen notes that Bruce had gotten upset and stormed off to throw a Hulked-out tantrum, so the next time they met she'd played it off as a joke; but now Bruce is an immortal horror-show and she's an Avenger saving the world. Telling Daredevil that Hulks are always at war, Jen transforms and uppercuts one of the Frost Giants - concluding her narration by stating that she's fine if people scream and run away if they see her new form, since if she's in their town it means things are about to get ugly, which sounds beautiful to her.

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The final battle for Midgard! Captain Marvel leads the War Avengers! Hulk battles Ulik! Blade takes on the Black Berserkers of Roxxon! Plus: Daredevil the God Without Fear has a cryptic message that will decide the future of the team.


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