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Quote1.png With all due respect, sir, the United States no longer needs you and your anti-American Avengers. It has us. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "The Day After a Day Unlike Any Other"

Below the sea levels of Avengers Mountain sometime after the fight against Malekith's forces, Thor and Iron Man were relaxing in the hot tub as Iron Man asked Thor to stop playing with his restored Mjolnir. Iron Man said to Thor that he is the only god he can follow to and from Hell which he can inform Hercules of that. Captain America showed up where he stated that there is still some cleaning up to do. Iron Man stated that he had his suits of armor do the job.

Meanwhile at the Pentagon, the Life-Model Decoys of Nick Fury inform Phil Coulson about an intruder on Sublevel 9. They are interrupted by the Black Panther who entered the office by ventilation system. When Coulson stated that his diplomatic immunity won't protect him from being detained for breaking in to the Pentagon, Black Panther attacked the Nick Fury LMDs and revealed his knowledge of the Squadron Supreme of America. Coulson stated that the Squadron Supreme of America defended Washington DC while the Avengers were getting their rear ends kicked in Times Square. Black Panther commented that they herded the Frost Giants into Canada which Coulson stated was not his problem. Black Panther also called Coulson a murderer and asked if the Squadron Supreme know what he is, Coulson quoted "Good question. Why don't you ask them yourself?"

At Avengers Mountain, Hulk is approached by Blade and Boy-Thing. As Dracula was being hidden by the Russians, Blade and Boy-Thing ride out to hunt Dracula.

On the ocean, Captain Marvel and Robbie Reyes are on Tony Stark's speedboat hunting Muspelheim Firesharks. Captain Marvel suspected that Namor rounded them up and left them on the Avengers' doorsteps. When Roberto claimed that he is afraid of the monster inside him, Captain Marvel commented that she fought the Kree and learned that her mother was a Kree. Robbie transformed into Ghost Rider and the speedboat is also transformed.

Back at the Pentagon, the Squadron Supreme of America have arrived as Hyperion stated to Black Panther that the United States of America doesn't want the anti-American Avengers. When Nighthawk quoted to Blur that Black Panther will go to jail, Black Panther asked why they trust Phil Coulson. In addition, Black Panther stated that he doesn't know how they got their powers and that they are not the Squadron Supreme. Black Panther contacted Broo to teleport him away stating to the Squadron Supreme of America that the Avengers won't be their enemies unless they forced them to be.

Back at Avengers Mountain, Captain America had joined Iron Man and Thor in relaxing where he stated that Daredevil had told them about the rise of a new Starbrand. Robbie Reyes, Captain Marvel, and Hulk have joined them as they had thought about a lot of things like the Power Elite, Namor, and personal items while Robbie became Ghost Rider again to warm up the hot tub.

In the penthouse level of Avengers Mountain, Black Panther had the computer cross-reference the downloaded data about the Squadron Supreme of America and Phil Coulson.

In his cell at Las Vegas' Hotel Inferno, Mephisto was shown with carvings of different characters as he was planning his next move. He quotes "How about Mephisto makes them all?"

Solicit Synopsis

The war is over, and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are looking to celebrate. That’s right, there’s a party at Avengers Mountain! But who invited the Squadron Supreme of America?


  • The Pentagon is mistakenly noted as being in Washington, D.C.; however, it is actually located across the Potomac in Arlington County, Virginia.
  • The proportions on Blade's bike on page 9 panel 1 are incorrect, with the bike up to his knees. It should have been further away (to the left of the panel).


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