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Quote1.png I suppose there was a time when I was starry-eyed and lovestruck and the thought of someday being Mrs. Thor seemed the greatest dream ever. But then I grew up. Into a doctor. A mother who lost her child. A woman with a lump in her breast that tried to kill her. A goddess of thunder. An Avenger. A Valkyrie. I don't dream much anymore. I don't have to. I'm too busy living. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Saga of Jane"

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Synopsis for "The Saga of Jane"

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Solicit Synopsis

She once famously wielded Mjolnir as Thor, Goddess of Thunder. Today, she guards the worlds of the living and the dead as the winged Valkyrie. Now, those two versions of the same mighty hero somehow find themselves face-to-face, in a desperate bid to save the soul of Jane Foster.


  • Despite the credits saying otherwise, this issue was actually colored by Brian Reber.[1][2]

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