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Quote1 Waiting for Kang the Conqueror to wake up. Waiting for him to finish his story... before his stories... finish us. Quote2
Scarlet Witch

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Synopsis for 1st story

At Project PEGASUS, a black hole has exploded, as Scarlet Witch contains it, the Avengers look on anxiously... as Captain Marvel flies out of seeming death, holding the wounded form of Kang the Conqueror!

Later that day, Black Panther races to stop a Hydra hostage terror attack in Mexico City. The police are holding from attacking because the terrorists are threatening to kill the hostages, but before Black Panther bursts in through a window, the Hydra agents privately admit that they plan to kill the fifty hostages anyway.

In Central india, Thor stops a train just before it crosses a bridge that has already collapsed.

In the air over Dublin, a plane has lost both its engines. Its crew and passengers are about to die, but they are rescued by the Vision and Iron Man.

Outside Pittsburgh, an anxious truck driver is fighting drowsiness so he can deliver medical supplies. He is accosted by Captain America, who tells him that he was going to crash into a bus, killing 43 people. Captain America offers to drive him the rest of the way, to give him time to recover. Nonplussed, the driver agrees.

In the null-space in the black hole, Kang had confronted Captain Marvel. He had needed to talk to her. To ensure he had her attention, he offered her a gift - every newsworthy tragedy that would occur on Earth for the next 24 hours, 1000 lives to save. Captain Marvel is interested, but still distrustful. Kang explains how he ended up here - how a rival villain named "Myrddin" killed him to secure the path to a prize called the "Missing Moment", with the help of a group of engineered heroes called the Twilight Court. Myrrdin's path leads through a series of situations knows as the Tribulation Events. These predictions, each one carrying a fanciful name - "the King of Magic", "the Death Moon", "the Cannibal Culture", "the Endless Night", "the Impossible City", and maybe others - will appear in Earth's future, and must be opposed by heroes. As Kang had told the story, he had becomes more enraged, causing his wounds to reopen. As he lost consciousness, his last words were that he refused to die before getting revenge on Myrddin.

In the back of the Jarvis Lounge in New York, Scarlet Witch is teleporting Thor back from the site of his victory. The offer from Kang was genuine - one thousand lives saved in total. Captain Marvel has been in the comms suite for the whole day, watching to see if any of the heroes failed - but during lulls, she has been glancing to a monitor, showing Kang in a coma in a medical bed, waiting to see him wake up, in case the rest of his story is real.

In space, the Impossible City teleports into Earth orbit...

Solicit Synopsis

The Avengers find themselves with a rare gift – foreknowledge of the dangers coming their way in the form of the deadly TRIBULATION EVENTS. But can this information be trusted? And can even Earth’s Mightiest Heroes triumph in the face of cascading disaster?

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