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Synopsis for "Turn of the Sentry"

Rick Jones is mesmerized by Oracle to lead the Imperial Guard to the hidden Kree outpost where he originally acquired the Nega Bands. Meanwhile, Captain America has contacted the Avengers West Coast for help. They track the identicard Cap gave to Rick to the Kree outpost in time to save him from crossfire between the Imperial Guard and the Kree Sentry activated by their arrival. The Avengers get caught up fighting both sides of the Kree-Shi'ar conflict, eventually destroying the Sentry with the help of a laser cannon found in the armory. The Sentry's defeat triggers the outpost's self-destruct measures, and the Imperial Guard take the opportunity to escape with their target, a key component of a Psyche-Magnetron. Not about to let them get away clean, the Avengers contact Quasar to pursue the Shi'ar cruiser. Quasar doesn't quite catch them before the go to warp, and a mysterious black solar flare captures his more immediate attention.


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