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Appearing in "Shi'ar Hatred!"

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  • Araki (Skrull Imposter)

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Synopsis for "Shi'ar Hatred!"

The Avengers' efforts to negotiate peacefully with the Shi'ar break down slightly due to Thor's impetuousness and a fight breaks out with the Imperial Guard. The situation changes when Living Lightning shoots Araki, revealing him to be a Skrull impostor when he loses consciousness and reverts. Suspecting both sides in the war are being manipulated by the Skrulls, Lilandra agrees to release Ultimus to take this information back to the Kree. However, they have another problem, as a quantum message from Quasar informs the rest of the Avengers, the Skrulls have hijacked the Nega-Bomb and taken it through the stargate into Earth's solar system.

Meanwhile back at AWC Compound, a trio of mysterious arachnid-themed villains spy on Spider-Woman.

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