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Appearing in "Death Valley Daze"

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Synopsis for "Death Valley Daze"

The Vision launches an attack on Ultron, but to no avail. Ultron easily dispatches the Avengers who are present on site, and gathers what he came for – the remaining parts and portions of his previous bodies, collected to be studied by Henry Pym. As he flies away, an incoming quinjet arrives with the remaining Avengers, who leap out to attack him and end up just plummeting to the ground. Mockingbird remains in the Quinjet, which Ultron attacks and destroys, taking her as a hostage.

Pulling themselves together, the team realizes they can track Pym’s collection of Ultron parts, and they take off after him. The Living Lightning calls in from college to check on everybody, but declines to join them because he has classes. Meanwhile, Ultron blasts into Henry Pym’s research facility in Death Valley. Pym tries to shrink Ultron with Pym particles, but this does not work, and Ultron uses his hypnotic powers to compel Pym to build an adamantium mate for himself.

The Avengers arrive at Death Valley and have to fight the animated spare body parts of earlier incarnations of Ultron. Since Hawkeye has no arrows that can pierce adamantium, he drinks the Giant-Man serum and becomes Goliath once more. They rush to Ultron who delightfully introduces his latest creation, a female death-robot patterned after Mockingbird, named Alkhema, a.k.a. War Toy.

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