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Synopsis for "War Toy"

Alkhema/War Toy immediately blasts Hawkeye/Goliath, and a general brawl ensues, in which the two mad robots get the upper hand. In desperation, Scarlet Witch tries flying their Quinjet directly into the robots, but they are firmly braced and the Quinjet itself is smashed to smithereens. Meanwhile, Goliath has slipped away by shrinking to ant size, and retrieves a slab of adamantium from Pym’s lab which he proceeds to bludgeon the two robots with. Ultron tells his “mate” that they are concerned with destroying all life, not just these few individuals, and together they fly away. Mockingbird staggers out of the complex, alive and well; only her brain patterns were used to create Alkhema while he spared her actual life. She and Clint Barton kiss and resolve to stay married.

They team surmises that Ultron and Alkhema have flown to Sun Lakes Weapon Center, a military installation that houses various weapons of mass destruction. Dr. Pym fortunately has a miniaturized flying vehicle that, once enlarged, allows them to pursue the two robots. Ultron and Alkhema descend on the facility and easily destroy several fighter jets and ground-based cannons who try to fend them off. They begin bickering; she objects to his plan to exterminate all life at once, preferring to do it slowly over time. Once the Avengers arrive, however, they work together long enough to defeat the heroes once more. (At some point during this battle Mockingbird is replaced by a Skrull -- see notes below.)

The Avengers have a plan, however. They somehow convert the Vision’s body into an electromagnet, “one which attracts adamantium,” and strap his body onto an ICBM missile. When the two robots are plastered onto the missile, it is launched. The Vision of course can turn intangible, letting the rocket pass through him. The rocket explodes in outer space (it is specifically stated to be a non-nuclear device), which is not enough to destroy their adamantium bodies, but, as Hawkeye/Goliath notes, it hopefully “launched them on a trip into space it’ll take ages to get back from!” He is happy to have Mockingbird back, but Scarlet Witch – despite everything they just went through – is very sad that Vision is so cold and robotic.


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