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Quote1 All right then, Avengers... Let's bag this witch. Quote2
Valeria Richards

Appearing in "The Availables: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "The Availables: Part 2"

Some time ago, Doctor Doom requests Valeria Richards to assemble a team of Avengers to face an inverted Scarlet Witch when she comes for him and lure her into his trap. However, he requests that she not get involved in the fighting.

In the present, Valeria does the opposite of what Doom asked. The Avengers then engage Scarlet Witch and her Doombots. During the fighting, innocent bystanders are endangered, so Stingray dives into the water to help them. Wanda soon takes not of Valeria and strips her of her armor. She tells Valeria that she will takes her as her hostage to draw Doom out and demands to know where he is. She then notices that she's smiling, before being hit in the back of the head by U.S. Agent's shield. Angered by his attack, Wanda blasts him, which he absorbs with his shield, allowing 3-D Man to race in and rescue Valeria. Enraged, Wanda follows them to Doom's trap, which 3-D Man shoves her into. Valeria then turns on the containment module, but it doesn't hold Wanda for long. She boasts that she will show them true power, before sensing Doom's return. She then departs to face him.

As it turns out, Doom's goal was to get a portion of Wanda's powers into a box. He is tempted to use the magic to heal himself but his inverted personality decides to use the power to resurrect Cassie Lang.

Solicit Synopsis


• The Avengers team you never expected explodes into action in “The Availables” Part 2!

• The wrath of the SCARLET WITCH unleashed!

• Doctor Doom’s heroic gambit—will he be redeemed?


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