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Synopsis for "One for the Ages"

The story begins with Power Pack having just defeated another villain, who is taken away by the cops (who don't believe him when he claims to have been beaten by superpowered children). After the fight, Alex has to leave for a veterans' retirement home, where his history class has agreed to volunteer. However, all other students have already left. From one of the inhabitants, Mr. MacGinty, they have been sent home since an old war buddy of his is in town.

The old war buddy turns out to be Captain America. However, Cap has no time yet to visit his old friends since he received a phone call from Tony Stark about a burglary in one of his buildings. Upon arriving Cap discovers the thief is Taskmaster, disguised as a janitor. when Captain America interveres, a fight between the two ensues.

Power Pack notices Captain America chasing Taskmaster, so they suit up and join the hero. Taskmaster proves more than a match even for the five of them. After a while, even Cap's old army buddies, fully dressed in their uniforms, join the battle. This becomes too much for Taskmaster and he decides to bail out, summoning a flying vehicle to do so. Julie tries to interfere, but looses sight of him when he engages stealth mode.

After the fight, Cap introduces Power Pack to the veterans. Meanwhile, Taskmaster meets up with his client, A.I.M., and we learn that he stole the security codes to an R&D storage facility of Tony Stark.

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