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Synopsis for "The Greatest Reward"

Using the security codes that Taskmaster stole for them in the previous issue, A.I.M. breaks into Tony Stark's research facility and steals the prototype of a Iron Man Armor. The next day the theft is reported on the news. When Jack hears about this, he figures that somebody as rich as Tony Stark will no doubt give a huge reward to whoever brings back his stolen property. So he drags Alex and Julie (who are posing for a portrait made by their mother) and Katie (who just wanted to watch cartoons) along in his quest to find the stolen armor, though he doesn't mention the reward yet to Alex and Julie, knowing they won't agree to use their powers for monetary gain. At the same time, Tony Stark also prepares to go looking for his stolen property.

After some investigation, Power Pack tracks down A.I.M. to a warehouse at the docks. However, it turns out A.I.M. was already expecting them and has special weapons to neutralize each of their powers. The team is captured and locked up. Jack however can escape and finds the Iron Man armor. Hoping to gain the upperhand (and since it's fun), Jack tries on the armor, but in the proces accidently activates it and crashed through the roof. At that moment Tony, as Iron Man, also arrives on the scene and, seeing Jack inside his prototype, mistakes him to be the thief. Jack only makes the situation worse for himself when he accidently triggers the armors' weapons. Tony quickly disables the prototype by using a security override he installed.

The other members of Power Pack also escape from their confinement, just when the deactivated suit crashes into the warehouse. Seeing that Jack was inside, the misunderstanding is quickly cleared up. Tony and Power Pack team up to take out A.I.M. With the villains defeated, Jack is denied his reward by Tony since he destroyed the prototype.

The issue ends with the reveal that A.I.M. had already learned enough about the prototypes' technology to replicate it.

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