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Synopsis for "Conquered!, Part One: In a New York Minute..."

The Power Family heads for New York since some of Margarets' work got accepted by an art show there. The kids are told to stay in the hotel until their parents get back from the art show, but when they see Spider-Man being attacked by an unknown opponent, they immediately come to his aid. The attackers turn out to be A.I.M. soldiers dressed in copies of Tony Stark's latest Iron Man armor.

Power Pack joins the battle, and soon afterwards the Avengers show up as well. Tony recognizes the armors as being identical to his prototype, and at Jacks' suggestion tries the security override protocol he used on the prototype in the last issue. It works, since A.I.M. apparently copied the fail-safes along with the technology. But before Tony can disable more than 1 suit, he is frozen in time by the real master mind behind the attack: Kang the Conqueror. Kang joins his army in battle and after a brief fight disables all the Avengers with his chronal disruption field. He wants to spare Power Pack, stating fighting children is against his honor, but when Power Pack attacks him anyway he uses his powers to banish them 10 years into the future, where he has succesfully conquered the world. Once there, the team is rescued from Kang's soldiers by their future selves.

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