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Synopsis for "Conquered!, Part Two: Pack to the Future"

The adult Power Pack takes their younger selves to their lair, and explain that since the battle 10 years ago Kang has captured or killed every other superhero besides them. Adult Julie figures out that the reason both the young and old Power Pack are here is probably because this future is an alternate timeline from the one that the young Power Pack came from. When performing a series of tests on Katie, they learn that she has absorbed a large portion of chronal energy from Kang. This, combined with a belt from Kang's armor that the team found earlier, means she can send herself and her siblings home.

Meanwhile, a spy working for Power Pack discovers the location where Kang keeps the captured heroes. Both Jacks, Adult Katie and Alex, and young Julie set out to free the heroes. They succeed, but set off an alarm in the process. While the freed heroes fight off Kang's forces, Iron Man brings Julie and Jack back to the lair. Once there, he is quickly brought up to speed about what has happened. Before Katie will send the team back in time, Iron Man gives Jack a modified gauntlet that can instantly send the security override to all of Kang's armors.

Katie succesfully returns herself and her team to the exact moment Kang originally banished them, and Jack disables all of Kang's forces. Kang personally tries to fight off Power Pack. After absorbing some more chronal energy from Kangs' gun, Katie sends the villain into a time portal to an unknown destination. After saying goodbye to the Avengers, the team quickly heads back to the hotel before their parents get there.

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