Quote1 ... Now. Faster. I gotta do this. I can. I'm NOVA! Quote2
-- Nova

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Synopsis for "Prologue"

Somewhere in space a tagline asks the reader "Are you ready?", then "For the future of comics at your fingertips?" As the taglines are shown, a small blue dot appears, which gets brighter with gold as it gets closer. The 'dot' is shown to be Sam Alexander, as he keeps flying.

Samuel Alexander (Earth-616) from Avengers vs. X-Men Infinite Vol 1 1 001

Sam opens a wormhole near the Milky Way Galaxy, and streaks forward, all the while trying to assure himself that he can succeed in getting to Earth. His drive and determination is revealed then; the Phoenix is on it's way to the same planet. Futhermore, it's not far behind him.

Eventually he arrives near Earth. But due to the sheer speed in which he traveled and his own inexperience, he flies into New York with the same velocity, sending a sonic boom in a nearby road. Still unable to focus, Sam barely manages to dodge a helicopter in his way. However, too caught up in that success, he doesn't notice the building in front of him. Sam mutters to the world that he's sorry before crashing into it.

Dazed, Nova wakes up to see Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye and Iron Man. Too tired from his travel and injured from the crash, Nova manages to stutter that "it" is coming before collapsing. As he is taken to a hospital, Iron Man still tries to ask him what is coming.


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