Quote1.png I know now that I have to be vigilant. I cannot--I will not--let the Phoenix change me. Inside all this power, I have to preserve the man I've always been. I have to remember why I fight. Because if I lose sight of that...what's it all been for? Quote2.png
-- Cyclops/Phoenix

Appearing in "...In a Handful of Dust"

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Synopsis for "...In a Handful of Dust"

After the Phoenix Five have restructured Utopia, Cyclops's mind is overcome by all the thoughts in the island, so he decides to go to the Blue Area of the Moon in search for a quiet, humble place. There, things only get worse, as he continues to be wracked by Jean Grey's sacrifice and creates a dust replica of Jean to discuss his situation. She points out that he cannot let the Phoenix make him lose touch with his humanity, and he heads back to Earth, deciding that he needs to preserve the man that he has always been, not letting the Phoenix change him.


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