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Quote1 I am fire and life incarnate! Now and forever-- I am Phoenix. Quote2
Dark Phoenix (Cyclops)

Appearing in "Avengers Vs. X-Men (Part Eleven)"

Featured Characters:


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Synopsis for "Avengers Vs. X-Men (Part Eleven)"

In Colorado, Captain America is talking carefully to someone, asking for his help, stating that he is needed by the Avengers to win this war against Cyclops. Finally, the mysterious person is revealed to be Hulk, who agrees, saying "Hulk will smash for you".

In Wisconsin, Rogue—who has seen how the Phoenix Five torture enemies[1]—admits that the Avengers were completely right about the Phoenix Force. She is defecting and asking for asylum. Professor X appears, welcoming Rogue, along with the Avengers. While Iron Man asks if he is sure about what he is doing, more X-Men defectors appear as Xavier states that in their minds there's nothing hidden from him. Iceman asks Xavier to scan his mind about what Cyclops has done. They agree that the man Xavier considers a son, and Iceman a brother, must be stopped at any cost.

In Utopia, Emma confronts Cyclops about what both are thinking: Taking the other's portion of the Phoenix Force. Emma taunts Cyclops to burn this world and start all over again. When both realize their corrupted thoughts, Scott notices Charles standing on the beach, claiming that he will fulfill its promise to help Cyclops, even if that means stopping him permanently. Scott refuses Charles' offer, and Emma warns Cyclops that he's about to shut him down. Scott starts to generate fire from his hands when Professor X uses his abilities to nullify Cyclops' power and force him to stand still. In that moment, the combined forces of the Avengers and the X-Men arrives, as well as Emma.

Captain America orders the Avengers to stop Frost and Summers. Scott struggles to get free from Xavier's control while Emma is attacked by Storm. Scott manages to launch an optic blast to Xavier, who's protected by Captain America's shield. The Scarlet Witch continues to attack Summers before being attacked with fire by Emma Frost, who is literally smashed by Hulk, who's double fist pound drives her through the ground into the ocean.

Cyclops rises from the ground and heads to attack Xavier, but is interrupted by Magneto, who tells him he brought Xavier to the island. This angers him, and tries to burn Magneto, but Max is protected by his daughter. Scott is then distracted by Thor, Hawkeye and Iceman until Professor X manages to confront him again, but he's overpowered by Cyclops.

A enraged Emma returns and attacks Hulk with her pyrokinesis. Knowing he will not be able to win this fight, Scott takes Emma's portion of the Phoenix Force. Xavier attacks him, trying to take him down. Scott states he will not take orders from Charles, and after he shouts "THAT IS ENOUGH!" Scott agrees with Xavier ("It is") by killing him.

After a moment of silence, Cyclops, briefly in control, begins crying about what he was forced to do. Wolverine and Hulk make a fastball special, but it is ineffective, as Scott burns Logan. When Thor tells the Captain it is time to stop him, Rogers replies that it is too late: Cyclops becomes Dark Phoenix.

Solicit Synopsis

The final month of AVX opens with the first of two extra-sized issues!

• Fatality!


  • Uncanny X-Men (Vol. 2) #19 and Wolverine & the X-Men #18 takes place during this issue.
  • Several of the Avengers are not friendly toward the mutant defectors. The Phoenix Five imprisoned them in demonic torture[1] until rescue in Avengers vs. X-Men #9.
  • Beast immediately recognizes the "nightmare" that happens to Scott at the end of the issue. He, Scott, and Ororo are the only ones present (Logan is out of commission) who participated in the Dark Phoenix Saga. Captain America also recognizes what is happening; in Fantastic Four #286 he viewed a recording Beast made of his experience, and experienced part of Jean Grey's memories of of her encounter with the Phoenix Force.
  • When Cyclops becomes Dark Phoenix, he echoes the words of the Phoenix Force's duplicate of Jean Grey when she appeared to her teammates for the first time in X-Men #101.

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