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Quote1.png All right, let's move, X-Men... Hope needs us. Even if she doesn't think she does. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Avengers vs. X-Men (Part Three)"

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Synopsis for "Avengers vs. X-Men (Part Three)"

Logan regains consciousness after being burnt by Hope and Spider-Man handles him a pair of clothes. After Spider-Man tells Logan that the X-Men surrendered, he knows something's wrong and runs to where both teams are.

Meanwhile, Iron Man and Captain America are arguing about what to do with the X-Men, as Steve wants to take them to custody. In that moment, Doctor Strange arrives with an unconscious Magik after their battle in the Limbo. As soon as Wolverine appears, Cyclops tells Strange they've been discovered and he teleports away with the X-Men as Wolverine fails to stop them, revealing Magik to be really Doctor Strange and vice versa.

The X-Men arrives to Long Beach, where Cyclops tells them they need a way to find Hope, being Cerebra the only possible way, which is at Logan's school, but Scott tells them they have a man in their side.

In San Francisco, Hope is building a machine using pieces of electrical equipment, after watching the Phoenix behind her in a mirror, she runs away, telling to herself she needs something to fly.

In the Avengers Tower, Marvel Girl is telling Logan she found Hope's energy sing in five different places at the same time and is sending them the coordinates. As soon as the transmission ends, Rachel tells Scott telepathically that she can give him where Hope could be, as well as advising him about Captain America and the Avengers going there.

Back to the Tower, Captain America is dividing the Avengers into different teams to sent to the different locations: Wundagore Mountain, Tabula Rasa, Wakanda, Latveria and Savage Land.

Aboard the Quincarrier, Cap's squad (consistent in him, Wolverine, Agent 13 and Giant-Man) are leading to the Savage Land when Logan tells Cap we wants to know what's happening as he noticed a look between he and Sharon Carter in the Tower. Roger asks Wolverine to talk in private, where Captain reproaches him about his behavior during the mission in Utopia, with going by his own, stating that he can't trust him. Wolverine remarks that the only way to stop the Phoenix is to kill Hope, and Captain punches him in the face.

Both start fighting, but the battle ends as Giant-Man knocks Logan. Rogers commands Sharon an action to what she opens the gate of the Quincarrier, making Wolverine fall to the snow of Antarctica.

Steve returns to the piloting area to recover from the wounds of the battle as Wolverine recovers in the snow, stating that "It's all up to me..."

Solicit Synopsis

• The Avengers and the X-Men scour the Earth searching for the host of the Phoenix!

• Hope takes matters into her own hands!

• And Captain America and Wolverine come to bitter blows!

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