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Hope Summers

Appearing in "Avengers Vs. X-Men (Part Four)"

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Synopsis for "Avengers Vs. X-Men (Part Four)"

In Antarctica, a polar bear reaches for a beer can lying on the ground. It is revealed to be Wolverine, using the bear's skin as protection from the cold. When he sees the trail of cans, he realizes something is wrong and notices Hope standing next to him. Logan reacts by releasing his adamantium claws.

In the deep space, the Avengers have fallen against the Phoenix, and Thor, the only hero standing, manages to hurt it badly enough to divert it into another planet, which it destroys.

Back in Antarctica, Wolverine enters to Hope's jet she purchased using a fake I.D. and she tells him that she trusts him to kill her if the Phoenix possesses her for bad. She asks Wolverine to stay with her as they fly off to find a bigger ship.

At an abandoned Hellfire Club safe house, Cyclops and Emma Frost discuss their plans, and Emma informs Scott almost every X-Man in Logan's School is in their side. Scotts tells her they need to find Hope and Emma telepathically controls Toad and uses him to access Cerebra. She starts searching around the world for Hope, but only sees X-Men fighting Avengers in the locations Marvel Girl sensed Hope might be.

Emma enters Captain America's mind in the Savage Land, where she intercepts his call with Tony Stark from Avengers Tower, where Tony's fighting Gambit. Tony tells Cap he's building a machine capable of killing the Phoenix. In that moment, Cap receives a mysterious call that provides him with Hope's location, which Emma hears as well.

In an A.I.M. facility, Wolverine and Hope are fighting some agents as they make their way into the launch bay, and Wolverine forces an agent to activate a giant space ship. Later, they arrive at the Blue Area of the Moon, where she tells Logan she can feel the Phoenix growing closer and that "all we have to do is wait". They're interrupted by Captain America ,who along with Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Thing, Red Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow followed her, and it is discovered that it was Wolverine who revealed their location to Captain America.

At that moment, part of the X-Men's Extinction team arrive. They prepare to take on the Avengers, Iron Man's armor detects an incoming projectile. It's a wounded Thor, who points up. Hope starts burning and says "It's here," as Phoenix appears over the horizon.

Solicit Synopsis

• All across the globe-in the Savage Land, in Wakanda, in Tabula Rasa and more-Avenger battles X-Man for the fate of the world!

• Hope has a suicide mission to propose to Wolverine!

• While in space, the Avengers’ away team meets the Phoenix head on!


  • Although Wolverine uses a polar bear to protect himself from the cold, there are no polar bears in Antarctica.

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