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Quote1.png The gift of the Phoenix was meant for her, not us. You people... did something... to it. And now she... Now we are Phoenix Quote2.png

Appearing in "Avengers Vs. X-Men (Part Five)"

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Synopsis for "Avengers Vs. X-Men (Part Five)"

In the Blue Area of the Moon, Hope is desperately trying to control the Phoenix as it approaches while the Avengers and the X-Men engage each other in battle. When Wolverine is about to approach her, she discharges a huge amount of energy, knocking everyone out. Logan recovers, and Hope tells him that she thought she could control it, but it's too much and asks him to kill her.

Wolverine tells her he'll try and pops his claws. As he's about to strike Hope, Cyclops blasts him away. From a distance, in the Quincarrier, Giant-Man and Iron Man are observing the battle as Tony gets ready to confront the Phoenix in a giant suit of armor.

The confrontation between both teams resurfaces, Wolverine battles Cyclops with the intent to hill him, Red Hulk is winning over Colossus, Hawkeye unsuccessfully attacks Emma Frost with arrows, but can't penetrate her diamond skin, Black Widow grapples with Magik to separate her from her Soulsword and The Thing confronts Namor. Captain America joins Wolverine against Cyclops, allowing Logan enough leeway to slash him with his claws.

The Phoenix draws closer with every passing second, and Hope suffers, overwhelmed by the entity's tremendous power. The effects of the Phoenix's arrival are seen in various locations of the Earth--Professor X and Legion's telepathy overloads, Thunderer seems to feel the Phoenix as "it begins again" and the Scarlet Witch appears to be losing control over her powers.

Stark ignites the power cells on his new armor and heads to the Blue Area to stop the Phoenix. Meanwhile, Captain America tries to convince Cyclops to surrender and tells him it's time to be a hero and stop this madness. Furious, Cyclops shouts that he's only trying to save his race and that "Hope and the Phoenix are meant to be together. And you can't stop it!".

Tony is even closer to the Phoenix and fires a disruptor, which apparently destroys the entity.

A massive expansion wave of Phoenix's energy hits the Moon. The Phoenix seems to have disappeared, and the Avengers are recovering from the exposure as Cap looks up in shock as he and the Avengers see Hope and the Extinction Team hovering in the air above them, revealing that the Phoenix is merged with them, although it was intended for Hope.

The Extinction Team proclaims that they will help and prepare Hope for what comes next and that their purpose is to heal and save the Earth. Cap faces Cyclops and tells that Hope is staying with them. Cyclops scoffs and tells Cap that he and the Extinction Team are more than the Avengers are now--more than human and mutant and just cannot be stopped. He blasts the Avengers away and he and the rest of the X-Men heads to Earth with Hope.

Solicit Synopsis

• The fiery conclusion of Act One brought to you by Matt Fraction and John Romita Jr!

• Clashing on a lunar battlefield, the tide of the conflict will be turned…

• The Phoenix takes its host! All hope is lost?!

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