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Someone yell for some Kool-Aid?
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Red Hulk
What the hell are you talking about?
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I'm just amusing myself. Don't worry about it.
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Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • A.I.M.
  • giant A.I.M. robot
  • giant underground creature
  • Molans (First appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for 1st story

While the Avengers fight a giant A.I.M. robot, a marathon is going on in New York City. However, it is interrupted when scores of Moloids attack the runners.

After finishing off the robot, the Avengers must go and explain what happened to the police, but Spider-Man needs to return to New York. So, the Avengers force Red Hulk to take him.

Meanwhile, the Moloids swarm Mayor Jameson. Spider-Man gets a call from Iron Man about the Moloid attack. Just as the Moloids drag Jameson to a hole in the earth and try to force him down it, Red Hulk and Spider-Man arrive. Using a flute, one of the Moloids summons a giant ground worm from underneath their feet that tries to eat Red Hulk and Spider-Man. As they struggle to free themselves from it's many tongues, a neuro-toxin puts Spider-Man to sleep.

In Subterranea, the Moloids bring Jameson to Mole Man, who tells him that they have brought him here because they are panicked. Suddenly, a chain is wrapped around his neck by a Molan, and he says he is no longer the ruler of Subterranea.

Solicit Synopsis

GET MAD! This is what you’ve been waiting for! The return of legendary artist Joe Madureira (X-Men, Battle Chasers) and fan-favorite Spidey writer Zeb Wells in a brand new, highly anticipated, monthly Spider-series that teams the wall-crawler up with some of the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe. In our first issue, Spider-Man and Red Hulk take on a Moloid army during the New York Marathon! Stay safe until November because you’ll want to be here!


  • Released with a special code allowing the buyer to receive a free digital comic of the copy. To prevent people from just taking the code, it was released sealed in a plastic bag with a yellow sheet of paper to help prevent people from reading the code through the back cover.


Takes place between Avengers Vol. 4 #18 and Avengers Vol. 4 #19.

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