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  • Carol Danvers' Airplane

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Multiple Blackbird agents have surrounded Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and Robyn. While Captain Marvel argues with the Blackbird agent again, Robyn takes off. Captain Marvel blasts her, knowing that she will grow bigger. Eventually, she grows so big that her jetpack fails, sending her crashing down onto the Zakim Bridge, losing consciousness in the process. Captain Marvel tells Spider-Man that she used square-cube law to determine that her jetpack fail.

Frank Larrikin, general counsel of Nation Federal Bank arrives and says that, because Robyn is the property of National Federal and Blackbird Industries, Robyn cannot be taken without a warrant. Meanwhile, Spider-Man tries to figure out the math that Captain Marvel used. As he works it out, he realizes that the exhaust valve did not grow proportional with the escape mass. Meaning, gas is slowly filling up inside her jetpack. At the same time, Larrikin explains to Captain Marvel that Robyn is a robot. When Robyn regains consciousness, Spider-Man stops everyone from firing at her and tells them that she is going to explode.

Captain Marvel orders the police to contact the mayor regarding the protocol for emergency evacuations and sends the Blackbird agent, Agent Adams, to get civilians away from the area.

Then, Shelley Godwin, Robyn's creator and former Blackbird Research and Development employee, who bares a striking resemblance to Robyn, appears and tells them that Robyn is an artificial intelligence Trojan model grown from mutant DNA.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man explains the situation to Robyn. Regardless, Robyn takes him and leaves the area. Following behind them, Captain Marvel takes Shelley with her while she tries to get inside Robyn's head with her laptop. On the way, Shelley tells Captain Marvel that Robyn was meant to infiltrate the Occupy Wall Street movement and therefore was coded with that personality. However, Robyn began adding to the code. To make matters worse, the jetpack cannot be fixed because she was not designed to have one.

Robyn stops on top of the National Federal building, where Spider-Man tries to get her to understand that being a hero is about protecting people. Despite robbing banks, he thinks she is for the people and wants her to take off her jetpack because lives are at risk.

Unfortunately, she knows that there is not enough time to remove the jetpack since it would require a blowtorch and crowbars. Instead, she has Captain Marvel throw her into the air, where she blows up.

One week later, Peter visits Carol, who is fixing up her plane. She reminds him that he still has to tell her a secret about himself that no one else knows. He whispers something into her ear and leaves, but not before Carol offers to fly him to Boston the next time he plans on going.

In her office at her new job at Future Flora Robotics, Shelley is talking with Robyn, whose mind was transferred over to her computer. Shelley is glad to see that she remembers her.

Solicit Synopsis

• BOSTON! Prepare to have your sox knocked off!

• A 50-ft tall red-headed madwoman versus an army of privatized mecha-police! Care to guess who’s caught in between?

• Spider-Man and Daring Damsel Carol Danvers, the new Captain Marvel!

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